Step 1

Give us a call! Wende will personally come out and take a look at your project, analyze what your needs and wants are and put together some ideas. The initial consultation usually lasts about 2 hours. Wende will then put together some drawings, pictures and a personalized and interactive idea board for you online to see and add to. Initial consultation is $350 and that will be used against the cost of the project if you decide to work with Boss Lady Red. This will cover her ideas and the interactive pictures and idea board.

If you like the ideas and where Wende's vision is heading the next step is to bring in contractors for bids. Because of the amount of time this requires, an additional amount of $500 will be due at this time. This will take you through the bidding process, again if you move forward with Boss Lady Red it will be used toward your project cost. (if permits and architectural drawings are required those will be charged for separately. Those drawings would be necessary for proper bidding to be done).

Once bids are in, if you are comfortable with the design and the budgets put in place we will set up a contract and you will have an official web page to view the progress of your project, see schedules, get updates, change orders and invoices for your project.

Step 2

Step 2 is a big one. This is where we decide what materials we will be using to make the dream and vision a reality. We will be picking Flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint, backsplash, appliances, windows, doors, light fixtures, faucets, door handles, and the list goes on and on. You can be as involved or as passive as you would like. We have done this a few times. If you leave it up to us, we will always check with you before we make a final decision!

At this time we will finalize contracts and collect deposits. Deposits and draws will depend on the scope of work and the time of completion. This will be discussed in step 1.

At your house, you will be packing up and possibly finding a new place to live for a few weeks while we start on the remodel of your "New Home"!

On the back end we at Boss Lady Red will be scheduling with our trusted partners to make sure the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step 3

Let the work Commence!

We won't start your project until we know we can devote a majority of our time to your project and we can get it done in a timely and efficient manner.

So we will start with Demo. At the beginning of the project it will feel like we are going to complete way ahead of schedule. Demo goes quick, we will make the necessary framing, electrical and plumbing changes. drywall goes back up and it feels like the speed of light!

Next comes installing cabinets, laying tile and tiling showers and bathrooms. Once this is in, the process slows down a little.

*Countertops can not be measured until cabinets are installed and it is a 10-14 day fabrication time!
*Glass for shower doors can not be measured until the tile is completed, this is also a 10-14 day fabrication time!
*Appliances and plumbing fixtures can not be installed until the countertops are installed.

We do our best to make sure as each portion of the project is completed the next step is ordered immediately. For example: we try to have cabinets ordered and delivered at the beginning of the project so we are not waiting on them. We schedule the job closely so that as soon as one thing is completed the next step will follow.

There will be days when nothing happens and others when the project is on fire! ? (not literally!?)

The end of the project always takes the longest because it requires the most amount of scheduling, the most amount of vendors and it is hard for them to work together in the same space. Scheduling is the hardest at the end of the project as well, because if something is delayed in the middle it throws off the end schedule. Be patient, we account of this when we give you the timeline of your project!

Step 4

"Blue Tape" and "Final Walk-Thru"

This is the final step before you move back into your new home! We will go thru the property to make sure that all of the work is completed and looks amazing. You will also be given the opportunity to go thru and point out the things that you find and may have questions about. Every once in a while there is a smudge on the wall, a scratch in the baseboard from installing carpet or a spacer left in the grout. We want to make sure that all of those things are taken care of and you are happy with the remodel of your home.