Trusted Partners

We can't do all of this alone. We use a huge team of trusted partners to help ensure we are giving you the best quality in the timeliest manner for the best price. From cleaning crews and Landscapers to framers and roofers. We have anyone you need to make sure that small repairs and big remodels are done well. Please contact us for help and see our vendor page for some of the trusted partners that we work with.

Quality Building Materials

There are 2 essential tools that need to be a part of your remodel. A great designer and great tradesman. You have found both! But, we need to make sure that the project has quality all the way around, not just look good. We use quality products to build your home. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it shouldn't be good!

The Vendors and Materials that we use ensure that repairs and remodel work done to your home is what is necessary (for repairs). We work with people that we trust and have trusted for many years. Before you call someone in, call us for a 1st or 2nd opinion. We can save you money and time guaranteed!

Finishing touches

Whenever Boss Lady Red does a remodel, the homeowner is always involved in picking the finishing touches. We have sourced many vendors to make sure you are getting exactly what you want at a price that will meet your budget.