The "Little Stuff"

We often get calls at Boss Lady Red from past clients and friends for little things. Changing out flooring, replacing countertops, drywall repairs, plumbing problems, pool re-plaster get the picture. Please feel free to give us a call for all of your needs big or small. With our years of experience, you never know when your little problem can be a symptom of a bigger problem, or when what you think is a big problem is really no big deal!

Whole House Remodel

Boss Lady Red has a keen eye to take your existing space and make it functional, relevant and timeless. With a whole house remodel we will make sure that your space is the most up to date in your neighborhood. We pride our selves on staying on trend while also staying on budget, only changing the things that need to be changed, and making sure you are getting an amazing experience!
If you purchase a house that has been remodeled by Boss Lady Red you can be assured that we have taken a thorough look at the house, addressed safety concerns and done all that we can to make sure you are getting a quality home!

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

The most important areas in a home for living and resale value are the kitchen and bathrooms. This is where all of your plumbing is and this is where the majority of money is spent on updating. Family rooms and bedrooms are easy to update with a little paint and some new pillows, but the kitchen and baths are what really sets a house apart and updates it to current standards. Wether it is changing out a backsplash to update the look, or a complete makeover, Boss Lady Red can assure you that It will be done timely, correctly and in a budget range to suit your needs.